At Tipevo, our business is youth sports. With our robust data system and an unprecedented suite of digital solutions, we are bringing efficiency, access, and transparency to entire youth sports industry. Our data system is continually monitoring the entire ecosystem. We receive information from over 100,000 organizations through a combination of our proprietary methodology and patented system for cataloging, analyzing and displaying youth sports data. This allows us to continually monitor the entire ecosystem for the most current and relevant information available. 

Since the original launch of Tipevo’s data system three years ago, we have been refining and perfecting it. We are now able to accurately process and analyze vast amounts of data that has never been captured before. Previously, our data has only been accessible via our directory and not made public in any other way—until now. 

Why now: Youth sports is a nearly $20 billion industry, but like so many others, the coronavirus pandemic has brought questions and uncertainty. Industry wide fragmentation by multiple sports, governing bodies, businesses and organizations presents a challenge when trying to evaluate the impacts and prepare for the future. Our industry partners are all asking the same questions: What are short and long term impacts on programs? How many organizations have closed their doors? How long until everyone can return to play? What does return to play look like with new health and safety protocols? How do answers to these questions vary from region or sport?

Tipevo’s patented data system allows us to analyze and understand the complexities of the youth sports industry, even when it appears disconnected. We will provide insights and answers to these and many other questions to help the youth sports industry. Our intent is for this blog series to bring clarity, spark discussion and present opportunities for future collaboration.  You can find the first post in our Youth Sports Disruption Series here.

Data Sample

We analyzed 49,145 youth sports organizations across all sports, states, and youth levels. Despite the significant differences across youth sports organizations and businesses, Tipevo’s patented system allows for standardization making it possible to analyze these once dissimilar populations creating the largest data sample possible. Due to the complex fragmentation within the industry it is vital to analyze the largest and most diverse sample possible. Results taken from a smaller sample size would only provide an extrapolation from a statistically insignificant segment of the youth sports community. This level of coverage is unprecedented among researchers within this industry. 

Our analysis contains information grabbed directly from these organizations, whether they are editing their profile on Tipevo, getting user reviews on their profile from members of their communities or publishing something on their websites or social media pages.

We also perform a proprietary sentiment analysis on every piece of content we process to monitor the evolution of certain topics such us a “covid-19” or “fall season.”


Youth Sports Organizations: Youth Sports Programs designed specifically for children under the age of 18. The organizations offer training and competition. Youth sports programs consists of formally organized for-profit, non-profit and education based entities.


Youth Sports Organizations in our Sample


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