Why verify or list your program?

No matter what kind of program you offer, TiPEVO allows you to represent the most important aspects of your organization through an intuitive, dynamic and completely customized profile for you to reach, connect and interact with millions of parents and players nationwide.

You are in control

From the minute you verify your presence, you have complete control of the information displayed on your profile, the interaction with the people connecting with you on TiPEVO and your reviews.


On TiPEVO, most programs start with a basic profile, that contains a name, location and sport. In some cases, our technology may even be able to find your program’s logo. The furthest we can take your program without your help is everything you see on search results.

We care about your program

Similar to a search engine, TiPEVO collects the information available online about every youth sports program and organizes it for parents, players and coaches to easily find and connect with a youth sports organization. This is a technology intense process and one in which we put most of our resources and time to get right in just to guard your program’s integrity and represent it in the best possible way. We may not always get it right, reason why we encourage every program admin or president to verify and finish polishing their program on their own, for free.


Verifying your program in 3 simple steps

01.Find your program

Run a search with your program name.

If you find your program open your profile and proceed to the next step.

If you can’t find your program, move on to Listing Your Program.