In youth sports, the attention is often put on the athletes for their sacrifice and dedication. Although the attention is deserved, we’d like to give a well-earned shout out to all the parents and guardians who sacrifice to provide the best possible youth sports experience.

Parents are the backbone of youth sports. Without their commitment and energy, youth sports don’t exist. From the volunteer baseball coach to the parent in charge of post-game snacks, there are a lot of loving and supportive sports parents who keep sports community going.

From the Tipevo staff to every sports parent, thank you for…

  • The countless hours you’ve spent in bleachers, on sidelines, and in the car watching your kid(s) at games or practices.
  • Putting aside your own work or personal interests in favor of your kid’s own sporting interests.
  • The thousands of miles you put on multiple cars as you travel to practice, games, and tournaments in support of your kid(s).
  • Volunteering in the snack bar at the local sports facility!
  • Sacrificing both money and time – the two commodities of which we never seem to have enough
  • Supporting athletes in both victory and defeat and encouraging continued commitment to sports
  • Not embarrassing your kid(s) too much on the sidelines
  • Enforcing the value of sports and the lifelong friendship made and lessons learned along the way

Though kids may not show their appreciation at times (or at all!), your contributions are invaluable and we thank you for your unwavering support.

See you bright and early on the soccer field this weekend!

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