We’re excited to announce that we’re kicking off a new initiative with Illinois Youth Soccer Association (IYSA) designed to streamline the process of connecting Illinois youth sports players, parents and coaches with IYSA programs and organizations. With over 300 programs reaching 85,000 families, IYSA is now extending its an intuitive solution for discovering the right club as well as understanding what they are about via simple and comprehensive profiles that include community ratings and reviews. IYSA clubs will have the opportunity to claim and enhance their profile listing on Tipevo’s nationwide directory.

In their continued effort to bring transparency to youth sports, Tipevo also offers its users the opportunity to share their experience at a club with the rest of the community assisting others in better understanding a program’s culture. User feedback on Tipevo works on a simple and secured review format which also includes a six-category rating tool for grading the following: Overall Experience, Coaches, Development, Facilities, Enjoyment and Communication.

“After working very closely with the youth sports community for two years, we defined six rating categories that best represent a program and what players and parents are looking for during the search process. We’re super excited about extending these tools to the IYSA community and beyond.“
-Dan Conte, Founder & CEO of Tipevo.

As IYSA continues to provide benefits for its member clubs, this partnership will also focus on expanding program visibility while bringing them qualified leads to expand participation across their organization. By making it easier to understand what a program has to offer, and complementing that information with community feedback, players and parents can perform a more tailored search before connecting with a program and requesting a tryout.

“We came across Tipevo through their Co-Founder and CSO and US Soccer Hall of Famer, Brian McBride, who introduced us to their directory and the way players could discover and connect with programs in multiple ways. As an organization dedicated to serving our member clubs, we identified that Tipevo’s platform offers them an opportunity by leveraging industry-leading tools to expand their program reach. Tipevo is a definite game changer and the way to evolve youth sports.“
-Chris Jamrozy, Marketing Director, IYSA

About IYSA: Illinois Youth Soccer Association is a non-profit organization emphasizing education, whose purpose is to promote and conduct skill-based youth development programs in a safe environment that empower children, regardless of their gender, ethnicity, size, ability level, or economic status, to learn skills, lead a healthy lifestyle, value education, improve their social interaction and to focus their energy into a positive outcome. The Association also provides job training by offering and conducting nationally recognized coaching and referee courses; fun, age-specific, skill learning activities; and the Olympic Development Program that provides children with the opportunity to reach their potential.