With multiple accomplishments that have set new records and astonished many during his time as a professional soccer player, Brian McBride juggles more than just soccer duties. The former striker now adds Co-Founder and Chief Strategic Officer of Tipevo to his long list of accolades. As a three-time World Cup Player and former U.S. Men’s National Team Captain, you can say he has just the right amount of experience to help captain the Tipevo team in transforming youth sports for those seeking a better way to experience it. 

About Tipevo

We are building a platform that assists players, parents, coaches and programs in navigating the overly complicated youth sports ecosystem. We simplify the search process through effectively utilizing data to help participants discover, understand and connect with the right program through a first-of-its-kind digital platform. As a company founded by athletes, parents, and coaches, we are 100% dedicated to the youth sports community. By offering standardized program profiles and enabling consumers to rate & review, everyone can then focus on what really matters: their youth sports experience.

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Chicago Fire Junior’s Program Profile on Tipevo

We are in the process of adding every program available on the web to Tipevo’s Youth Sports Directory®. Only programs that are certified by their managers will have their full profile displayed, receive Connect Requests, and will be able to manage their reviewers and members. In addition, certified programs get featured on Tipevo’s homepage, and receive additional advertising and engagement opportunities to increase their brand and sponsor(s’) presence, as well as gain credibility and visibility in front of youth athletes and families.

Certifying a Program

To get started, go to Tipevo and check whether your program is already listed or not. You can do this by using the magnifying glass (Desktop, see example below) or the search bar (Mobile) followed by your program’s name.


If you find your program, go into the profile and click on the “Claim Program” link on the profile header and follow the 2-step process in which we verify your identity and hand you the keys to managing your presence on Tipevo (see below).


If you don’t find your program, all you need to do is “Join Tipevo” and complete a 3-step process in which you will be able to enter and polish the information about your club and members (see below).


Certifying your program and getting the benefits listed above has an annual fee of only $149.99. This grants you certified status for 12 full months.

Brian McBride in the House

As an extra kick, programs that get certified by March 31st will be eligible to kick it on the field in an exclusive club day with Brian McBride in September.

Club Day includes:

  • 2 Hour Clinic at your facility
  • 1 Hour Meet & Greet with players, parents, and coaches
  • Autographed jerseys for 1 player and 1 coach

Brian’s own youth sports journey left an incredible impact on who he is as an athlete, team player, and entrepreneur. He’s excited to bring his experiences back to the field and share advice with youth athletes and coaches to help build stronger teams.

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