The FIFA Women’s World Cup might be over, but the legacy lives on through future generations of players. As a result, this summer’s tournament will serve as the answer to the question – what inspires you to do the things you love?

At Tipevo, we love youth sports. We are focused on building a platform to help players, parents, coaches, and programs navigate the overly complicated youth sports ecosystem. But beyond data, we are also committed to promoting the virtues of youth sports participation. We want to help more kids fall in love with their sport.

Millions of Americans have been glued to the FIFA Women’s World Cup for the last month. Similarly, we’ve followed all the storylines and on so many occasions have been inspired by what we have witnessed. As a result, we compiled a list of our favorite moments of encouragement – both on and off the field – from the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Winning can take many different forms

The 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup represented the first time Thailand and Jamaica participated – a major accomplishment for both countries. Both teams were outscored by their opponents, however; both teams inspired the world with their celebrations after scoring their first ever goal in the competition. We strongly encourage you to watch the excitement from Thailand and Jamaica – both inspiring moments for every athlete who may find themselves on a less-talented team.

It’s your time now

She’s arguably the GOAT of women’s soccer and this interview helps us understand why. Brazilian icon Marta looks straight into the camera after being knocked out of the tournament by hosts France and offers words of encouragement to younger players at home to chase their dreams. As a result, Marta’s inspirational words went viral and will galvanize a future generation of Brazilian players.

Corporate America crafts inspirational messages

In our opinion, several brands really stepped up with inspiring campaigns that spoke boldly to the young female athlete. Our favorite is this Dr. Seuss-inspired Gatorade commercial featuring a voiceover from Mia Hamm who passes the torch to Mallory Pugh who then passes the torch to a representative from the next generation of players. Every generation fuels the next.

We hope you were inspired

Although the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup is over, we hope these moments (and many others) inspire young athletes across America. The impact of a single moment, a single commercial, or the words from an interview can motivate someone for a lifetime. We can hear it now on courts and fields across the country – “Coach, can we play just five more minutes?”

We also hope these moments have inspired millions of parents to encourage their kids to get in the game, regardless of the sport they choose.  To aid you in this process and help you find the right program for you and your child, we invite you to spend some time on Tipevo, America’s Youth Sports Directory, and game plan your child’s youth sports experience.

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Young fan draws inspiration from the FIFA Women's World Cup