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Parents & Youth Sports: A Dynamic Duo

In youth sports, the attention is often put on the athletes for their sacrifice and dedication. Although the attention is deserved, we’d like to give a well-earned shout out to all the parents and guardians who sacrifice to provide the… Continue Reading →

Life Lessons from the Little League World Series

In sports, one of the marquee events of the summer is a youth baseball tournament in the middle of Pennsylvania. As we approach the end of July, the countdown to the global event is on. What life lessons can be… Continue Reading →

Why Should Kids Play Sports?

Did you know July 15-21st is National Youth Sports Week? In an effort to elevate the importance of youth sports, the National Council of Youth Sports (NCYS) is highlighting opportunities for communities around the country to level the playing field… Continue Reading →

From 10k to 50k, bringing you with us through the process

During the last couple of weeks Tipevo made a strategic decision in favor of adjusting our directory curation process and publish program profiles even though a logo had not been available to us. Up until now, we only listed programs coming… Continue Reading →

Kicking It With Brian McBride

With multiple accomplishments that have set new records and astonished many during his time as a professional soccer player, Brian McBride juggles more than just soccer duties. The former striker now adds Co-Founder and Chief Strategic Officer of Tipevo to… Continue Reading →

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